Outlaw Animal Involvement in the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Started by Wende Young
Petitioning: US Congress
A petition by Budding into Full Awareness: All Life is Precious

The "new" ice bucket challenge appears to have originated in the UK and has now spread to the US.  One alarming feature of the new challenge is it's involvement of animals. Without their consent, animals are dunked into ice cold water or have it poured over them. 

The physical effects of this challenge can be shock, change in blood pressure and heart rate, hypothermia and possibly even death. 

To dunk an animal who cannot speak for itself is like dunking a baby in ice cold water. It is completely inappropriate and abusive. We the undersigned would like a law put into place that makes this practice illegal and includes it in the felonious animal cruelty charges. This should take effect throughout the US as this is a countrywide phenomenon. 


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Published on August 27, 2014.

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