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Petitioning US Congress

Support better education for girls in the United States!

by an Anonymous User June 25, 2018

17.339 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 2.661 supporters

It is well known that throughout the whole world people have the right at education. It represents one of the universal rights. Unfortunately, because of various reasons, not everybody benefits from education. Whether the children (and/or) their families cannot afford the fees, or the schools are too far located, so that the kids cannot reach to them, all these diminish their rights, and, consequently, their chance at equality, their chance at a better world.

The most affected of this deprivation are the girls. To be more exact, about 62 millions of girls, throughout the world, don’t benefit of education. Their chance at making their dreams a reality is broken into pieces. The disadvantages are numerous, to say the least: the girls are exposed to violence of all kinds, they become vulnerable, when their parents won’t be able to support them, they won’t be capable of taking care of their families. All these affect not only their communities or their own lives, but also the country they live in, and, lastly, the economy of the whole world. Even if the consequences will be visible immediately, others will take some time to show their effects.

The First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, took a stand and decided to support this cause. The campaign launched is called Let Girls Learn and it reached to most of the people through social media (#62milliongirls). Some artists like Queen Latifah, Zendaya, Kelly Clarkson, etc., touched by this subject, decided to write and perform an anthem, a song that could raise awareness, and even find people who can support the same cause, as well.

Sophia Bush, one of the most active supporters of the cause, declared the following: “If we educate girls, we empower girls. If we say, ‘Yes you can, ’ instead of ‘No, you can’t, ’ the world changes”. Giving the girls the power to do amazing things and change the world can only start with and through education. If they are denied this right, then the world will crumble down little by little.

Michelle Obama took part in a video produced for the Let Girls Learn campaign stating the following: “Since we launched #62milliongirls, we’ve seen an outpouring of support for girls across the globe who aren’t getting the education they need and deserve. Today, we take the next step to get those girls in the schools they belong. It’s time to act! Go to 62milliongirls.com and take the pledge to support girls’ education around the world”.

Education – it may not be a big deal for us, but for those who cannot afford it, it means the world.

Act now and make sure every girl follows her dreams and changes the world!


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