Ask New Hampshire to designate the Red-Tailed Hawk the State Raptor!

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Started by Dragos Vana
Petitioning: New Hampshire State Senate
Ask New Hampshire to designate the Red-Tailed Hawk the State Raptor

A bill was proposed as a school activity on the floor of the New Hampshire state senate. The 4th graders were on a school field trip to learn how government works as part of a civic project.

The school children from Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire appeared before the state’s Environment and Agriculture Committee to propose a bill — H.B. 373 — that would have designated the red-tailed hawk as the New Hampshire state raptor.

From the committee, the bill came out with a “ought to pass” 10-8 recommendation and headed to the House floor, where several legislators mocked it as a waste of time. This was not the point, the point was that this is a school trip, this bill doesn't matter at all, the children should leave happy.

“We have little time to invest in this topic, ” Rep. Christy Bartlett said during some of her remarks opposing the bill. “The red-tailed hawk is a beautiful bird, but it’s ubiquitous. I’m not trying to be mean … but this is a prime example of being swayed against our better judgment. … We need your help to stay focused on issues of more importance this year.”

Rep. Warren Groen also opposed the bill by making a bizarre reference to abortion.

In conclusion, the bill failed to receive approval by a 160-133 vote. But it was comments like Groen’s that left some fellow legislators, including Bartlett, demanding he apologize.

“I think he certainly owes the kids an apology, ” Bartlett told CBS Boston.

“This is disdainful, ”  Lincoln Akerman Principal Mark DeBlois added. “This is mocking what these kids’ efforts have been.”

We ask for a 100.000 signatures on this petition so we can urge the N.H. legislators to pass this bill in order to bring justice to the 4th graders that worked so hard for it and were shut down by a bunch of cruel old men and women who can't differentiate child play from politics.

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Ask New Hampshire to designate the Red-Tailed Hawk the State Raptor! Sign the Petition here:

Posted by YouSign Animals on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
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Published on March 22, 2015.

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