British teacher forced to live in her car after refusing to give up her dogs! Act Now!

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Started by Melissa Steele
Petitioning: Canterbury city council

57-year-old Hillary Barrows returned to Canterbury, England, in January 2015 after she spent the previous eight years working as an English teacher all across Europe.

She rented an apartment, with the hope of finding some work. As she failed to find a job, she ran out of money after a short period of time.

Authorities told her she would benefit from an emergency council accommodation, but she would have to give up her two dogs – Robbie and Cleo – to move in.

The penniless teacher refused, consequently, for the past four months, Ms. Barrows has been living in her 20-year-old red Alfa Romeo, parked in an Asda car park.

The woman has no one left in England: she is divorced; her mother lives in Vancouver, Canada and the rest of her family is in New Zealand.

The ‘Salvation Army’ charity has been helping her provide food for her dogs. She uses a £2 a time shower once a week; the Asda staff also take care of her and provide her with free hot water and sometimes even an extra breakfast in the in-store café.

Ms. Barrows claims she cannot give up her dogs, because she loves them more than anything in the world. Robbie is an eight-year-old Egyptian Pharaoh hound that was rescued in Spain; Cleo, a five-year-old Labrador, was rescued while she was in Spain.

Barrows added that she has been seeking for work ever since, but no one is willing to hire her because she lives in a car.

Please sign the petition and urge the Canterbury city council to allow Ms. Barrows to move into a home alongside her two dogs. The dogs mean the world to her and she takes such good care of them, the house will not be effected whatsoever! Ms. Barrows deserves a chance to a normal life! This is pure discrimination and we, the undersigned, are completely against such practices and denounce them completely!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this petition are those of the author (Melissa Steele) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the YouSign Organization or any of its affiliates.

British teacher forced to live in her car after refusing to give up her dogs! Act Now!Sign The Petition Here:...

Posted by on Saturday, May 23, 2015
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Published on May 23, 2015.

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