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Coach has agreed to stop selling fur – awesome news!

by Virginia Brantley October 23, 2018

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In a recent statement, fashion brand Coach has announced it will ditch fur from all of its collections, joining famous fashion icons such as Gucci, Michael Kors or Burberry.


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Using real fur is an obsolete process and these brands have admitted this and have thus started to use faux fur. The Humane Society International (HSI) has welcomed the news and hopes all companies in the United Kingdom will end up ditching fur in the near future.


Here is what HSI Executive Director for the United Kingdom, Claire Bass, had to say about the news: In the past year we have seen a great deal of brands opting to stop using fur, we are witnessing history and they are making all the right choices so far. Using real fur is not sustainable anymore, besides being highly unethical.


According to recent statistics, over 100 million animals are still used for the fur industry. Furthermore, it takes at least four times more energy to produce garments out of real fur compared to faux fur; keeping animals at the so-called fur farms leads to significant water pollution – as it have become a common practice for farmers to release toxic substances into the environment. To continue with, animals are kept in extremely poor conditions at such facilities and their plight can go on for months – before they are finally to put down for their fur.


We end on a high note and hope that many more brands will follow suite! Animals deserve better than to be used for fashion!


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