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Couple Decides To Adopt A Kitten – And Get The Best Surprise Ever

by Agnes Youngblood October 23, 2018

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A happy couple from Idaho were looking to adopt a kitten; they had already a tiny feline in their home and were looking to expand their voiceless family. The two got in touch with Emily Sullivan, of the Happy Jack Cats Inc, to inquire about adoption possibilities.


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Sullivan explained that she believed she had the right kitten for them. At the time, she was fostering three siblings – Artemis, Hercules and Apollo – all rescued after their mother had been whacked by a moving vehicle at high speed.


The couple decided to adopt Artemis on the spot, as they fell in love with the tiny black angel. Sullivan went up to her upstairs bedroom to grab a carrier for the couple: it was dark and my living room was poorly lit – Sullivan explains.


Artemis was gently placed in the carrier and the couple proceeded to drive home; but as soon as they arrived at their destination, they were in for a big surprise: they discovered they had actually adopted two kittens, as Hercules had also managed to squeeze himself inside the carrier. And no one noticed him!


Sullivan was embarrassed by the situation and remembers issusing dozens of apologies. She promised to come by the next day and take Hercules back.


But the couple later phoned her to let her know they had changed their minds and decided to keep Hercules.


Soon after this adventure, Apollo, the last remaining sibling in a foster home, was also adopted. All these precious fur babies are now well taken care of and living a dream life with their new families.

This is Artemis - the cat that was originally meant for adoption
But his brother, Hercules, managed to sneak in the carrier to be with his brother
The two are enjoying life at their new home

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