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Hero Police Officer Rescues Kitten Dumped In The Park!

by Celeste Call October 23, 2018

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Deputy Bennett Dillon with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Indiana was on a routine mission when he made a huge difference for a helpless kitten.


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Upon a patrol at a local park, Dillon spotted something out of the ordinary and decided to investigate: a bag of trash had been callously left on the ground – and inside there was a little black kitten that was in dire need of help.


Deputy Dillon did not hesitate to take action and immediately drove the gentle angel to the hospital. Hadn’t it been for this hero, the kitten would not have made it out alive. There is no doubt this act was intentional and the evil person responsible for this is still out there.


Staff at the Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital did not give up on this precious soul, in spite of his severe condition. They put in their best efforts and managed to save the kitten, now dubbed Lennie.


It has been a week since Lennie was on the brick of disappearance, but he is now out of harm’s way and on the verge of recovery; it will still take a long time until he is fully recovered, but this is an extremely important step forward. Lennie is now extremely thankful to his rescuers for all the work they put in to save his life.


We would like to send a special thank you to Deputy Bennett Dillon, who is a true hero!

Lennie arrived at the hospital in critical condition
Vets managed to save his life - and now Lennie is out of harm's way
Lennie is is expected to recover fully

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