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Las Vegas is becoming a hot spot for vegan foods!

by Wallace Velazquez October 23, 2018

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When you think of Las Vegas, you imagine flashy, bright lights, high-quality entertainment and world-class casinos; but Las Vegas is now slowly becoming an attraction for vegans as well, as more and more vegan joints continue to open in the city.


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Monica and Anibal Flores decided to open a vegan hot dog joint on the street – and their investment has paid off big time up to this point, enjoying an increasing popularity each month. The new pop up food cart is called Phyot’s Vegan Eats and plant-based diners are fully enjoying the experience.


This is what Monica Flores had to say: Transitioning to veganism can be a challenge, particularly at the beginning, it is quite hard to find the comfort foods that you so desperately want, particularly on the street. This is the main reason we decided to opne this hot dog cart.


The couple really enjoys what they are doing and claims this business is extremely rewarding for themselves.


Phyto’s Vegan Eats has currently three hot dogs on the menu – each with delicious, particular flavours – but the couple have plans to add more mouth-watering recipes to the menu. Their dream is to open a vegan restaurants in Las Vegas some day.


As things currently stand, there are over 24 vegan restaurants, pop-ups and concepts in the city of Las Vegas. So if you are heading there, make sure you check them out!


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