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Pack Of Adorable Goats Takes Over Entire Neighborhood

by Shelton Hebert October 23, 2018

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Residents of a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho were woken up at 7 AM with a pretty unfamiliar sight: a pack of goats had commandeered their neighborhood. And these gentle animals surely meant business!


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Where the animals came from is remain a complete mistery – but it was clear they were enjoying themselves and no intention of walking away.


Pack of the goats gone rogue were spotten marching down the streets and stopping by the neighbors, munching on flowers and pulling leaves from all the trees that went in their way. Plenty of others were keen on eating as much grass as possible and even walked up to the porches of residents – much to their desbelief.


A local reporter managed to snap dozens of photos with the unexpected guests and broke the news on social media; the pictures quickly went viral and soon everyone learned about the adventure of these adorable farm animals.


They were going from house to house and eating everything they could find – reporter Joe Parris recalls. Nobody has a clue how they got there, it’s so funny!


It took animal control over a couple of hours to arrive at the scene – and they soon learned they needed a much larger truck than the one they came with. They stood no chance, they were clearly outnumbered! The goats continued to rule the neighborhood until lunch, before being peacefully removed from the area.


The goats had the time of their lives – that is for sure. They are now back on the farm with the memories of a lifetime!

Over 50 goats turned up at a neighbourhood in Idaho
No one has a clue how the goats got there in the first place
The goats had the time of their lives

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