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Vet Technician Saves Puppy Whose Owner Wanted Him Gone!

by Laurie Schmidt October 23, 2018

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This puppy is unable to walk properly so his owner – a dog breeder – took him to a veterinarian and asked for him to be humanely euthanized. But thankfully for Nico the pup, someone was about to save his life!


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The 4-month-old German Shepherd was left at the vet’s office, ready to be put down. The vet placed the pup in a cage, waiting for the procedure to be carried out; vet tech Mikayla Silkman arrived for work and immediately spotted Nico.


I saw him in the cage and it just broke my heart – Silkman recalls. I decided to save him, he was totally worth it!


Silkman picked up the phone and called Trisha Malfitano, founder of Perfect Imperfections, a rescue that cares for dogs with disabilities; she asked for help in taking in Nico and Malfitano immediately agreed.


In spite of his young age, Nico was full of energy; although he was unable to walk and needs to drag himself around, he enjoys the company of other dogs and loves to interact with them.


After a brief period of time, Malfitano got a call about an owner looking to adopt Nico. The move made sense: Nico would be going to a lovely family and she would be able to take in another dog in distress. So she gave her consent on the spot.


April Addison flew from Arizona to Connecticut to meet Nico and it was love at first sight. The adorable pup is thriving in his new home and is extremely thankful for being rescued!


This was such an emotional story and we wish Nico all the best with his new family.

Nico is a 4-month-old German Shepherd
Nico's owner wanted to have him put down, because he was suffering from a health condition that prevented him from walking properly
Nico was rescued and is now with a new, loving family

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